Introduction By Lee Newman

I have been collecting old British traps, steel jaw traps in particular, for many years now, and have become fanatical about the history of their use, manufacture, history and development.I served an apprenticeship as a gamekeeper in Worcestershire and took up the position of beat ‘keeper on a South Shropshire estate soon after which might explain a little behind my early exposure to rabbit and vermin traps, gin traps, pole traps and suchlike. Although gin traps had been banned many years before they seemed to hang as reminders of the old times in most ‘keepers sheds I visited in my youth and those early days. My obsession with old British made steel traps might be considered somewhat unusual but you can be assured I am not alone!

Trap Collectors' Reference Books on Sale Now!!

I am currently in the process of writing a series of comprehensive reference guide books for Trap Collectors and those interested in the catalogued unabridged history of British made steel traps. These books are the result of many years of research and many months of writing.The books will be initially sold through this website exclusively once they have been published, full details will be made available once they are complete. The series will include much previously unseen material on a variety of related subjects, including patents, trap makers, replacements for the gin trap and modern humane traps. Purchase can be made directly through me, and full checkout and payment options will be made available. Any reference material in the form of paperwork, invoices, catalogues, adverts or price lists pertaining to British Trap Makers would still be gratefully received to help my research. Please get in touch with me via my email address
oldtrapcollector@hotmail.co.uk or click here to go to my books page.

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