Trap Collectors' Reference Books


 In light of the fact that the original old trap maker’s and gamekeepers’ requisites catalogues have become very rare and highly sought after, and costing many hundreds of pounds in some cases if you are lucky enough to find them, I have recently reprinted a number of them for fellow collectors that I have been lucky enough to find. These high quality copies are available solely from the author, and offer a superb reference to the trap collector, social historian or interested layman. Many of them are individually numbered, hand signed, limited first editions, and will become collectors pieces in their own right in a very short time. Postage prices and payment options are shown below......

 Postage and packing for all UK mainland addresses will be £1.00 for all soft cover editions, and £1.50 for all hard cover editions. Shipping to addresses overseas, including Europe, Australia and USA will be £2.50 for all soft cover editions, and £4.00 for all hard cover editions. Paypal payment ONLY accepted at this time, please email with your order and I will invoice you directly once I know which books you would like to purchase. Items will be shipped as soon as payment is made and cleared.

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Henry Lane Limited, Catalogue 1918 - This hard case-bound, limited first edition of 100 copies is signed and numbered by the author. Henry Lane is considered to have been the world leader in animal trap production, his traps being made to the very highest quality for catching all manner of animals from birds of prey to lions.38 pages, with plentiful clear woodcut illustrations, copied verbatim from the original manuscript, make this a fine reference to own for the collector of British traps. Price is £25.00 per copy

Henry Lane Limited, Traps and Trapping 1926 - Another high quality hard case-bound limited first edition catalogue of 100 copies, comprising of 69 pages with photographs and superb woodcut illustrations of traps offered for sale at the time, along with tips for the trapper on how to maximise his catches. A history of the firm is included, as well as details of manufacturing processes used and patents held by the company. Individually signed and numbered by the author. Price is £25.00 per copy
 Henry Lane Limited, Price List 1929 - This is a soft bound limited first edition reprint of the original price list, complete with 24 pages full pages of listings of the full range of traps offered by the firm at this time; an invaluable reference to the collector. Price is £15.00 per copy
C. Leggett & Co. Mouse and Rat Traps C1900 - A very limited, first, signed and numbered edition of just 50 copies are offered. This rare and sought after British catalogue has 18 pages with glossy card covers, each page illustrated well with line drawings of a comprehensive range of fabulous rat and mouse traps, made with wood, wire and springs. It is undated but Circa 1900. Price is £15.00 per copy
Joseph Tonks 1925 - Square format with 16 well illustrated pages of rabbit and dingo traps offered by this renowned Wednesfield factory to the home and export market. The catalogue has glossy card covers. Price is £15.00 per copy
Gilbertson & Page Limited - Traps for the Trapper, 1934 - This is a very limited, signed first edition numbered copy from a print run of just 50 copies. 13 pages of traps and nets, well illustrated with clear woodcut diagrams with some familiar and some unfamiliar traps offered by this reputed firm. Glossy card covers wrap this important reference for the collector of British traps. Price is £15.00 per copy
W & G Sidebotham (Pink) - Most trap collectors could only ever dream of finding or seeing a catalogue for Sidebotham’s traps. 16 pages filled with woodcut illustrations, line drawings and the full product list with glossy card covers. Price is £15.00 per copy  
W & G Sidebotham (Green) - This 18 page catalogue with glossy card covers features not only Sidebotham’s traps, but also those of E Griffiths & Co. A fantastic reference filled with illustrations of traps of the period.Price is £15.00 per copy  
W & G Sidebotham (Blue) - Another exceptional reference for collectors of British traps. 15 information packed pages with glossy card covers, profusely illustrated, and comprehensive in nature. Price is £15.00 per copy
E. Aurouze, Paris 1911 - Trap maker Eric Aurouze is the Paris based equivalent to the British Henry Lane. This early catalogue from the firm has 57 fantastically illustrated pages with glossy card covers, featuring 23 pages of traps alone – what a reference! Price is £15.00 per copy
E. Aurouze, Paris 1925 - This Aurouze catalogue has 46 pages filled with traps and field sports requisites, from mouse poison to badger tongs, with glossy card covers. A valuable guide to French traps, as well as those imported from England. Price is £15.00 per copy
E Aurouze, Paris Pieges et Piegeage 1931 - The hard case-bound edition of ‘Pieges et Piegeage’ (Traps and Trapping) has 85 pages. Like the Henry Lane catalogue of 1926 that it emulates, it has a full catalogue listing, with plentiful illustrations, as well as trapping tips for all animals.This is a very limited, signed first edition numbered copy from a print run of just 50 copies. Price is £25.00 per copy
Gilbertson & Page Limited 1913 - A hard case-bound edition comprising of 79 comprehensive pages of gamekeepers’ feeds and appliances, profusely illustrated with B&W photographs and line drawings. The legendary ‘Renardine’, game rearing equipment and sundries, a range of traps and a full range of game and poultry feeds is listed, offering a fabulous insight into the heyday of gamekeeping. A very limited first signed and numbered edition of 50 copies is available. Price is £25.00 per copy
A Booke Of Engines (and traps to take polcats, buzzardes, rattes, mice and all other kindes of vermine and beasts whatsoever, most profitable for all warriners, and as such delight in this kinde of sport and pastime.) Mascall 1590. This fantastic book is the first available written word on the subject of traps known, originating in 1590, by the naturalist Mascall. It was written in Gothic Black Letter script in ‘Olde Englishe’, and most of the 51 pages are illustrated with line drawings to support and benefit the text.Offered in a very limited, hand signed and numbered, edition of 100 copies, this is a must for all collectors and historians of this subject. Price is £25.00 per copy.
John White 1952 - 22 pages with glossy card covers. A gamekeeper’s equipment catalogue from the infamous John White of Birmingham, dated 1952. 22 pages packed with information and illustrations with glossy card covers. Price is £15.00 per copy